Visually analyze millions of events on a graph

From device logs and attack alerts to communications and transactions, make better decisions by uncovering key patterns and entities.

Bring clarity to large, complex data.

Drill into connections in your data and easily explore it using smart, automatic visualizations and visual querying.

Explore more data. Faster.

Quickly answer questions around big query results by working on top of our best-of-class, highly scalable GPU client/cloud acceleration platform.

Bring a fresh perspective to your existing stack.

Whether you’re using CSVs, Splunk, or Spark, get more out of your current data and tools by plugging them into our integrations and APIs.

How It works

Load Data

Load Data Icon

Connect to SIEMs, Spark, Notebooks, CSV/JSON, & more

See 100× More

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1MM+ nodes with our WebGL <-> GPU cloud visualization engine

Data Tools

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Smart & GPU-accelerated drill downs, clustering, summaries, & more


Data Integrations Icon

Data Integrations

Splunk, Spark, IPython, CSVs, and more.

Visual Querying Icon

Visual Querying

Clustering, summaries, filters, time bar, and more.

API Calls Icon

API Calls

REST, binary with bindings for languages like Python.

Report Easily Icon

Report Easily

Plug into your favorite notebook system.

Embed Anywhere Icon

Embed Anywhere

Embed live graph views into your applications or share with custom URLs.

Run in our cloud or yours Icon

Run in our cloud or yours

Docker and AWS friendly.

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