Innovative projects can be tricky, especially with pressure around ROI and delivery timelines. Graphistry regularly assists teams in a variety of graph-centric projects anywhere from 2w to 6mo. Our specialists can accelerate time-to-value, amplify team & project effectiveness, and make delivery more reliable. Whether a rapid prototyping initiative for a mature graph data science team, the first big graph & investigation automation  initiative in an enterprise, or the next state-of-the-art innovation for an experience organization, we can help in a few ways.

Areas of assistance

  • Graph methodology
    Refining project goals & ROI targets, choosing graph methodologies, and performing agile processes for iterative execution of a graph data project
  • Leveraging Graphistry
    Best practices on standalone application of Graphistry to a variety of domains, and combining with tools like notebooks, SIEMs & databases, graph algorithms, application environments, and team workflows
  • Surrounding methodology
    Setup and guidance on GPUs/RAPIDS, cloud, investigation automation & integration, and techniques in domains such as threat hunting, anti-fraud, and user 360
  • Day-to-day
    Setup, configuration, iterative use case definition & development, and usage & troubleshooting
  • Training
    From kick-off training on graph best practices & Graphistry usage, to advanced development and data science tricks, to on-site team & management events. See: Workshops.
  • Special joint R&D projects For advanced organizations with existing graph initiatives, it may make more sense to partner more closely, where we work together to combine and advance your internal technology & delivery roadmap with our own.

Best practices in graph project delivery

We generally recommend several project elements where possible:

  • Cloud-first
  • Iterative: Same-day/week initial wins that grow over time and to more users
  • Agile iterations around real data and use cases driven by stakeholder feedback
  • Rapid prototyping via data science notebooks and investigation templates that gradually turn into fully polished solutions
  • Intentional engagements with stakeholders throughout the organization

Projects take many shapes, and we often see variants of the following:

  • 2 Week: Sprint
    Ex: Launch & onboard data scientists and developers already using notebooks for graph data and running in AWS, and can benefit from assistance in launch, usage walkthroughs, guidance on tricks for their domain, and occasional troubleshooting
  • 3-6mo: Active – Traditional Enterprise POV or Rapid Iterative Prototyping
    Ex: Launch & configure air-gapped instance, initial sprint on quick wins, assist use case development for Tier 2 analysts, train administrators / developers / analysts, potential support for agile development and exploration of graph / automation  methodology
  • 3-6mo: Reactive – Multi-team collaboration
    Ex: A solution architect and development team is leading development, and Graphistry assists as needed. Critical collaboration points can include planning, kickoff, configuration, use case definition, Graphistry authoring & analysis training, visualization tuning, and joint leadership demos. In some cases, heightened involvement may include accelerated Graphistry feature development in collaboration with our technology partners (Nvidia, graph database companies, cloud platforms, …).

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