Graphistry’s heart goes beyond building stunning software and hardening infrastructure. Inside, we’re a group of people who love working together to create something bigger than any of us could alone.

Our team wears many hats and comes from different backgrounds, whether from Berkeley prototyping the next generation of browser technology, New York bringing Latin into the 21st century, Texas exploring industrial design, or San Francisco and splitting time between kids and founding enterprise security companies. We’ve been building an environment where each person can contribute their unique voice that drew us together to begin with. Prototypes, decisions, customers, conference talks, and investor events  -- they’re all fair game. We like working together, and evolved a culture of techniques like open meetings, open calendars, non-violent communication (recommended reading!), open planning, blameless postmortems, and a focus on iterative improvement and pride in our work.

We are actively looking for individuals in San Francisco and Austin


Are you excited or curious about what Graphistry is doing? Even if you don’t quite fit any of the boxes, please send us an email! We’d love to see your CV/portfolio/resume, how you found us, and something you’re proud to have crafted. We’ll get back to you within a day or two to setup a get-to-know-you call!

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe diversity, of all kinds, strengthens our team. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We're big fans of Non-Violent Communication.

For the current open positions, experience with web development, data architectures, GPUs, visualization, engineering / startup leadership, enterprise-scale environments, and security/fraud are a plus but not necessary. We're looking for trajectories, not unicorns.


Senior Engineer / Engineering Manager

Graphistry is looking for senior engineers to help support and grow the engineering team. Both Austin and SF locations are open. The role will start hands-on with leading-from-the-front. Long-term, it has the option to become hands-off (e.g., VP/Director Engineering). You'll be closely collaborating with both the rest of the leadership team and our engineers:

=== Primary Responsibilities ===

Done well, you will be a multiplier that helps grow our team, product, and company:

* Project management: 
You will help developers do what they do best more predictably and productively. For example, as a feature moves from product design to implementation to production, help them spec, scope, decompose, tackle, & maintain features. Can you help with roadblocks, such as identifying risky parts, and make sure collaborations happen? 

A key part of project management will be helping bridge product & operations, engineering & infrastructure, & company growth.

*Engineering management: 
You will help engineers thrive & grow. This can mean:
-- Helping engineers with the ups & downs of rollercoaster startup life
-- Improving the daily environment
-- Personal & career development

In all cases, you will partner with the CEO on recruiting and increasing diversity.

* Development:
See our other openings for a sense of the role. At our current stage, everyone codes. Frontend/fullstack is the primary need, and there may be platform engineering opportunities for the right candidate. 

=== Additional Dimensions ===

* Enterprise experience, such as building enterprise software or working in a large enterprise

* Security or fraud analytics experience is a plus but not required

* As a senior member of a small and growing startup, being ready to assist with occasional customer-facing tasks such as sales engineering, solution architecture, and customer success

* Likewise, technical communication skills help, and given our innovative nature, interest in public speaking. (We can help if this is new to you.)

* Enjoy leading a team of 5-15

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Full Stack or Front End Engineer

Joining Graphistry is a rare chance to work at the heart of an emerging core security+fraud visual analytics product team. 


You'll be joining a team that mixes best practices, and where the problem requires, new techniques. You'll be at the edge of GPU analytics, data visualization, and when working with customers, helping them on the frontlines of data-driven areas like cybersecurity and anti-fraud/AML. You will be learning about, using, and introducing a variety of tools & techniques.

Our stack and process is largely what you'd hope: nodejs/React/JSX, RxJS, nginx, Docker/k8s, Jenkins/TravisCI, logging, Slack/Github/Jira/Confluence, etc. 

We pioneer technologies in carefully selected areas. These are largely in GPU analytics, visual analytics, and reliable deployment. They are one of the fascinating joys & challenges of developing at Graphistry.


You will take features all the way from specification, implementation, automated testing & monitoring, and deployment. Initial responsibilities will likely be around the core application and user-facing functionality. We encourage team members to contribute across the product:

* Enterprise-grade features: security & reliability, data pipelines, ...
* Visual playbooks: nodejs, web APIs, graph/event/sql DBs
* Visual analytics: nodejs, in-memory columnar GPU DBs/compute
* GPU acceleration: webgl, opencl, ...
* Middle tier, backend, & infrastructure (nodejs, nginx, docker, aws, ...)
* Security & fraud analytics

You will work with a great product team, fascinating customers, and supportive fellow engineers to make this happen!


You will join a growing team of constructive, mature, and forward-looking peers. We strongly value collaboration, inclusiveness, and building an environment that we and future team members will thrive in. 

Team members bring best practices from places like advanced R&D, all stages of startups, medium & large enterprises, and open source projects. If you have ideas on what works (or doesn't), we encourage you to contribute them.

Some example practices are:
-- We encourage pair programming on unfamiliar code and problems
-- Sprint reviews
-- Blameless post-mortems
-- Professional communication, such as via positivity, non-violent communication, and inclusiveness
-- Remote-friendly communication & collaboration tools & processes
-- Automatically tracking features across CI, PRs, Github, & Jira

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Security Sales Engineer / Solution Architect / Evangelist

You will be collaborating with our users & partners to help them successfully leverage Graphistry for mission critical tasks that were previously out of reach.

The role will take you through an engaging variety of customer-facing activities:

* Joining our head of sales in pre-sales & POC activities 
* Ramping up new accounts: depolyment guidance, installation, configuration, use case setup, training, 
* Interacting with fascinating customers: security/fraud analysts, team leaders, data engineers, data scientists,  executives, and government officials
* With significant support from the full team, dive into users' playbooks and data -- and if you're eager to, even our web stack -- in order to help our users succeed 
* Influencing our product team by sharing lessons from the field 
* Experimenting with new use cases & data sets 
* Sharing Graphistry tech in blogs, meetup and conference talks, and tradeshows 
* Travel, especially to SF, DC, & NYC 
* ... Learning, thinking, & driving: We're opening best practices that were previously impossible, and you'll be on the frontlines!

Experience in investigative domains within the Fortune 2000 or US government around security and fraud are a strong plus. This may have involved setting up and using SIEMs like Splunk/ELK/ArcSight for SOC/IR/hunt/intel, and potentially big data systems like Spark SQL and Neo4j. Experience in customer-facing roles (SE, SA, consulting) and leadership (project management, team lead, technical lead) are also strong plusses.

Region: SF/NYC/DC, and potentially other areas

This role is an early and defining opportunity, so we are interviewing across a spectrum of sales engineers, solutions architects, and security evangelists. Let's chat!

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