Our mission to 100X data investigations brings together several powerful themes:

Overall, our culture combines the rational optimism of advanced R&D, professionalism of enterprise engineering, empathy from working with our community as long-term partners, and dedication around tackling big problems together.

– Most importantly, Graphistry is about the people. Our community brings together everyone from scientists and entrepreneurs to the largest tech companies, enterprises, and government agencies. Our team matches that. We believe in investing in people for the long-term.

– Next, Graphistry is about impact. Our users work on some of the most meaningful operational data problems: protecting energy grids from hackers, preventing fraud, making new cancer cures, uncovering spreading medical misinformation, and the product/sales/marketing analytics that most big companies rely on for revenue. We work with them every day to help them achieve those missions, whether it is through technology, pairing, or education.

– Part of why our customers love us is that we love our craft. Achieving 100X investigations means building 100X technologies like GPU analytics, graph AI, and incredibly accessible interfaces. It’s not easy to bring a new product or technology to the market, and especially for demanding scenarios like high-trust bank deployments, so we value the full process.

At a more day-to-day basis, Graphistry is an experienced remote team that fits around a (virtual) dinner table. We out-operate our peers by following modern OSS & startup practices: GitHub, CI/CD, Slack, async standups, blameless post-mortems, NVC, and more. Most of the team is US-based, and we have a growing global presence in EU + Asia.

Check out the current openings below, and if in doubt or not an exact match, please reach out anyways: we likely have unadvertised openings that are coming up!


Are you excited or curious about how the Graphistry team is  using graph visualization, AI, and GPU acceleration to tackle big problems in areas like supply chain and digital crime? Even if you don’t quite fit any of the boxes, please send us an email! We’d love to see your CV/portfolio/resume, how you found us, and something you’re proud to have crafted. We’ll get back to you within a day or two to setup a get-to-know-you call!

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe diversity, of all kinds, strengthens our team. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We’re big fans of Non-Violent Communication.

We do not look for unicorns. Instead, we look for individuals on a trajectory and who will fit in as a multiplier and heavy hitter to help us reach the next level.

Note: We are expecting additional roles in Q1+Q2 such as around solutions/success, sales, and marketing.