Graphistry’s heart goes beyond building stunning software and hardening infrastructure. Inside, we’re a group of people who love working together to create something bigger than any of us could alone.

Our team wears many hats and comes from different backgrounds, whether from Berkeley prototyping the next generation of browser technology, New York bringing Latin into the 21st century, Texas exploring industrial design, or San Francisco and splitting time between kids and founding enterprise security companies. We’ve been building an environment where each person can contribute their unique voice that drew us together to beginwith. Prototypes, decisions, customers and even investors -- they’re all fair game. We like working together, and evolved a culture of techniques like open meetings, open calendars, non-violent communication (recommended reading!), open planning, blameless postmortems, and focus on iterative improvement.

Benefits and Perks


Located above Oakland’s 12th St BART Station, we’re a 13-20m ride from San Francisco, Berkeley, and all of the East Bay. The 11th floor office with multiple water views, downstairs cafe, and Friday farmers' market doesn't hurt either.


We cover the premiums for a variety of medical, vision, and dental insurance.

Career Development

Build your career as part of growing the company. We assist with conference speaking, senior mentorship, and project ownership so you can grow. Go hands-on with building products, companies, and next-generation technology


Meaningful equity and competitive pay for your skills.

Flexible Hours

Work from home twice a week and hate mornings? Want to try working from cafes in Berlin? You can set your own schedule through our approach of remote-friendly collaboration hours. And, open vacation policy.


We provide lunches from the best restaurants in Oakland, and we’ll stock the fridge with whatever strikes your fancy.

Open Positions

Are you excited or curious about what Graphistry is doing? Even if you don’t quite fit any of the boxes, please send us an email! We’d love to see your CV/portfolio/resume, how you found us, and something you’re proud to have crafted. We’ll get back to you within a day or two to setup a get-to-know-you call!

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe diversity, of all kinds, strengthens our team. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We're big fans of Non-Violent Communication.

For the current open positions, experience with technical architecture, GPUs, visualization, engineering and startup leadership, enterprise-scale environments, and security is a plus but not necessary.

Visualization Engineer

Analysts turn to Graphistry to dive into their data. We are looking for someone to harness our core technologies by crafting incredibly helpful and eye-opening experiences.

The position should be a dream for the right candidate:

  • Part of the need is problem solving. You will be identifying needs with our customers and product manager, and coming up with viable visual solutions by consulting with our designer, users, and research literature, and leveraging your own creativity. Few systems can handle the dense, coordinated, and intelligent visualizations Graphistry enables, which leads to creative challenges, exciting opportunities, and moments of wonder.

  • Our users work on fascinating domains like cybersecurity, datacenter operations, anti-fraud, and even genetics. You will be learning about the state-of-the-art for their fields... and pushing it further.

  • You will be implementing your vision. Our frontend, backend, and infrastructure engineers will join in to help take your ideas farther than you may have thought otherwise feasible. Our technology enables fullstack solutions that can be as simple as a sorted listed, and as deep as a WebGL+React component with real-time offloading of large computations to a GPU cluster.

Expertise in the following areas are not required, as long as there is a willingness to learn: JavaScript, SVG, React, Falcor, dataframes, nodejs, WebGL, OpenCL, quantitative display of information, statistics, and analyst domains like cybersecurity/operations/anti-fraud/genetics.

Security Researcher / Technologist

You will have a lot of flexibility with this role. In collaboration with basically the entire company, you will drive the security applications of our platform:

  • Experiment with new security automation, analysis, & visualization techniques
  • Analyze a LOT of security data
  • Help our customers (enterprise security teams) to identify and improve their processes as part of pre-sales, solution architecture, and customer success
  • Share your work online & at conferences

Your background should include:

  • Experience as a security analyst in a SOC/IR setting
  • Interest in scripting and data analysis, e.g., Python/JavaScript/SQL/notebooks, hunt & threat intel, machine learning / visualization / automation
  • Innovation in security practices, such as through making automation tools, data analyses, or working in a hunt team
  • Leading projects, such as by managing others or managing the project itself

We do not expect experience with startups or software development, but more of an excitement for being a valued member of the process.

Head of Sales

Graphistry is a small team, yet our technology is entering use by best-of-class enterprise teams around the world. We are especially resonating with security SOC, incident response, hunt, and federal teams. As our first sales professional, you will join our leadership team to supercharge early sales.

This is the classic growing enterprise startup story: You will want to bring creativity, enthusiasm, enterprise experience, and existing relationships with medium-to-large enterprise security teams.

Your initial tasks will be:

-- Be creative -- Bring in pilots that can start within a quarter (we demo very well) -- Handle existing F100 and F2000 pipeline -- Advance our sales strategy -- Aid guiding our VP Marketing partner on collateral

This will quickly grow to:

-- Refine presales & success -- Hire sales, & sales engineering, & success team -- Work with channel partners: SIEM/DB, MSP, ...

While Graphistry is gaining interest from multiple markets and segments, we are especially focusing on enterprises close to the following profile: 1,500-10,000 employees, use a modern SIEM like Splunk, and based in the Bay Area or maybe west coast/NYC/DC.

You will collaborate closely with a highly technical CEO, experienced VP of Product, a growing & dedicated technical team, and a strong network.

Engineering Manager

Graphistry is looking for at least two more senior engineers to help us triple the engineering team from ~4 to ~12 over the next 12-16 months.

  • You'll be closely coordinating between the rest of the leadership team and the engineering team
  • You'll be working alongside a senior technology lead and other mid-to-senior engineers
  • At least for the next 9-12mo, you'll be splitting time between rolling up your sleeves and engineering management.

=== Primary Responsibilities ===

You should have previously managed at least 5-10 developers.

  • 10%: Project management - developer side: You'll be a key player in helping our team build amazing things. Part of that is avoiding rabbitholes such as poorly communicated product and customer needs. You will be proactively helping development go smoothly on a daily and weekly basis. As a feature moves from product design to implementation to production, you will be responsible for helping the team spec, scope, decompose, tackle, collaborate on, & maintain features. Done well, our environment becomes even more magical.

  • 10%: Project management - sales/marketing/design side: You'll be the grease between the wheel for developers and the rest of the company. Design, sales, and marketing questions will go to you whenever there's an engineering aspect. You will help make sure daily product development meshes with the surprising day-to-day activities of a growing startup.

  • 10%: Engineering team growth: You'll be the frontline advocate for developers already in our team and a key participant in growing our engineering team further. Working alongside the CEO and our technology lead, you'll be shaping the future of the engineering organization.

  • 70%: Daily development: For at least the next 9-12mo, there'll be a significant hands-on aspect. We are a fullstack nodejs shop, so you should be comfortable with most elements of web programming.

=== Additional Dimensions ===

These are all plusses but not required:

  • Enterprise experience, such as building enterprise software or working in a large enterprise, is a strong plus

  • Security or analytics experience is a plus

  • As a senior member of a small and growing startup, being ready to assist with occasional customer-facing tasks such as sales engineering, solution architecture, or customer success is a plus

  • Technical communication skills help, and given our innovative nature, interest in public speaking. We can help if this is new to you.

=== Background ===

Our team already has many modern software management processes in place. Ex: Confluence, Jira, chatops, CI, staging servers, reproducible builds, logging, etc. Likewise, we already have basic elements of ~quarterly project planning. You'll be walking into a professional team, and helping us get to the next level.

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