While data is the raw material of an investigation, graphs provide the narrative and context needed to make good decisions. Whether working with a simple CSV or a million or more event logs spread across multiple products and databases, graph analytics reveal the connections, interactions, and relationships you need to make fast, informed decisions.

Our unique approach combines unprecedented raw technology so analysts don’t have to worry about scale, with a holistic design built for human investigation.  This shift gives analysts a natural user interface to see deep connections and conclusions in their data without writing queries, tabbing between tools, or having to think about data science, APIs, or AI.

Malware Attack Scope and Progression

Interactive Maps of Your Investigations

A pretty picture isn’t an investigation. This is why Graphistry isn’t just a charting tool – it is a full-featured investigation platform that is delivered visually. Analysts can grab any data point and quickly see any events, entities, devices, or alerts that are related. Built on breakthrough GPU-accelerated analytics and visual linking, Graphistry lets analysts work creatively in their natural flow. Investigators can use any and all of their data, pivot on the fly to follow connections, customize the visualization to test theories, and directly interact with any data point to get the details they need.

Situational Awareness of Geo-Based Fraud Attempts

Built for IR, Hunt, and Fraud Teams

Graphistry gives analysts full control over how data is visualized and provides views that are ideal for investigations like IR, Threat Hunting, Anti-Fraud, and AML. Force-directed graphs quickly reveal clusters and outliers in data, which are often important for threat hunting. Kill-chain views allow analysts to intuitively see progression and scope of an incident that may be spread across multiple areas (and involve multiple data sources). Even more specialized views like IT network maps let analysts see events in the context of network boundaries, which are often ideal when analyzing command-and-control traffic and exfiltrations.

See changes and progression over time

Interactive Time Bar and Histograms

Work intuitively and quickly to see the point that matters in your investigation. Graphistry’s interactive time bar lets you see temporal relationships in your data and clearly reveals the chronological progression events. Zero in on a specific time of interest and track everything that happened afterward. Likewise, the interactive histogram lets you see correlations between different types of data or attributes. With the timebar and histogram, you can start with a bird’s eye view and quickly focus on the time and relationships that matter most.

The Data Science UI for People

Graphistry demystifies the world of black-box algorithms and data science by letting analysts visually understand their data and replacing coding with point-and-click. Graphistry automatically shows the correlations, outliers, and progression in their data, and generates queries and calls on behalf of the analyst. Instead of simply taking data on blind faith, analysts can now literally see the connections in their data to make fast decisions that are smart and defensible.