Get more out of the data that you already have. Graphistry lets analysts clearly see connections in your data that would be missed in tabular views or static dashboards. Now analysts can see and investigate correlations across all of your tools and data in a single view without ever typing a manual query or switching applications.

Leverage All Your Data Sources

Visually explore insights across Splunk, Spark, SQL & graph databases, or any data source with an API. Choose the data stores that make sense for your business, and use Graphistry to connect them all.


Correlate Across All Your Security Tools

Make the whole greater than the sum of the parts by easily seeing connections across NGFW, endpoint, sandboxes, threat feeds, or any other tool investment.

Go Beyond Queries

Replace tricky command-line style queries with an intuitive point-and-click visual UI that lets analysts follow their ideas to a conclusion. Graphistry makes common queries effortless and opens up more complex queries that would be impractical to code.

Go Beyond Dashboards

Turn rigid dashboards into interactive visual software that let analysts pivot and drill down to find answers.

Teach Others to Fish

Turn successful workflows into visually interactive playbooks that you can share with anyone on the team, and improve based on their use.



Connect to Splunk, ELK, intelligence APIs, and more for on-the-fly visual querying


Visually investigate with visual analytics to see event progression, linkages, scope, root-cause, and more.


Associate common investigations with a playbook for smart one-click data gathering & presentation


Enrich SIEM events and triggered rules to include corresponding Graphistry visual playbook links, and save sessions into your case manager



Splunk, ELK, HTTP, and mor


CIM, CEF, and roll your own

Graph & GPU Insights

Understand scope, progression, root cause, patterns, & outliers, even over many thats...

Visual Querying

Visually pivot, drill, and shape, letting Graphistry generate otherwise tricky queries

Support for Common Investigation Types

Malware, Phishing, Lateral Movement, 360 Views, ...

Sharing & Reporting

Annotate, save, resume, and file investigation sessions, with each step reported and reproducible