Deployment option 1: Graphistry Hub – Create a cloud account and go!
MonthlyAnnual – 16% discount
Contact for Graphistry Hub Enterprise Early Access Program (EAP), or tailored discounts for academics, startups, and others
Free$0/moCreate, explore, & share
unlisted investigations
❌ Privacy only via unlisted links

Professional$83/moMore control,
resources, & support
🔒 Fine-grained sharing controls
✅ Customize logo watermark

Organization$83/user/mo3+ users, security integrations, & more
✅ Multiple users
ℹ️ Contact for Enterprise EAP

Create, explore,
& share as usual

✅ Big graphs powered by GPU cloud visual analytics
✅ No-code visualization (CSV, XLS, Parquet, …)
✅ Embed in your websites (REST, React, JS, & more)
✅ Low-code self-hosted interactive dashboards (ex: graph-app-kit)
✅ Explore from self-hosted notebooks (PyGraphistry)
❌ No Graphistry-hosted Jupyter GPU notebooks
❌ No visual investigation connectors & automation (video)

Runs on the Graphistry-managed
shared GPU cloud

✅ Managed: Graphistry handles GPUs, updates, uptime, & security
✅ Save $: Shared GPU cluster
❌ Resource limits*
❌ No hardware isolation

Deployment option 2: Run your own full Graphistry server
Individual & Startups
Cloud Marketplaces
Cloud Marketplaces
Anywhere (Docker)

AWS Azure

g4dn.xlarge, NC4as_T4_v3

AWS Walkthrough


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any RAPIDS-capable GPU server

$1.47 / hour
+ Instance GPU fees
$10 / hour
+ Instance GPU fees
Contact for BYOL packages

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All Hub Features

🏆 Graphistry Visual Engine

🏆 No-Code Visualization

🏆 Developer APIs

Beyond Hub

🏆 GPU Notebooks for Researchers

  • RAPIDS-ready secure GPU Jupyter environment (cuDF, cuML, cuGraph, BlazingSQL), PyGraphistry, & examples
  • Multi-GPU ready with a managed GPU Dask runtime
  • Try tutorials for top data sources and tasks

🏆 Investigate & Automate

  • On-the-fly low-code explorations
  • Shareable investigations
  • Easy automations by reusing past explorations as templates
  • Set default colors, icons, schemas, and more
  • Trigger automations from outside apps through smart deep links

🏆 Cloud Marketplace Mode

  • Quick launch now
  • Run privately from your cloud provider
  • Defer procurement red tape
  • Only billed while your instance is on
  • Preconfigured for Nvidia drivers, autorestart, and more

🏆 Docker

  • Run anywhere, including air-gapped
  • Quickly install, start/stop, and update with standard Docker Compose commands/li>
  • Performance isolation with the Nvidia container runtime


🏆 Performance Isolation

🏆 Uncapped Utilization

🏆 Enterprise Support

🏆 Enterprise Features

  • Automatic & custom TLS, auth, accounts, & supply chain verification
  • Hooks for security, health check monitoring, deployment, & log forwarding
  • Built-in migrations
Individual & Startup Team Enterprise
Support ✅ Online chat ✅ Online chat 🏆 + On-site training & support
Private Cloud ✅ AWS ✅ AWS, Azure 🏆 AWS, Azure, GCP, and more
Private Data + On-Prem ✅ Your cloud ✅ Your cloud 🏆 Your cloud or data center
Multi-CPU + Multi-GPU ❌ Cap: 4-core CPU, 1 GPU 🏆 Unlimited 🏆 Unlimited
On-Prem + Air-Gapping 🏆 Ubuntu/RHEL Docker
Professional Services 🏆 See Enterprise (a la carte) 🏆 Tailored Packages

  • Quickly install, onboard, go operational, and help starting first use cases
  • Rapid prototyping & augmentation:
    Graph/GPU visualization, multi-GPU computing, automation, data science, & data engineering
  • Team workshops:
    Methods, administration, authoring, & use
  • Analyst, developer, & admin support

Typical: 1d, 2w, 3mo, 6mo, & ongoing

New GPUs ✅ AWS: T4 (g4dn.xl)
✅ Azure: T4 (NC4as_T4_v3)
✅ AWS:
T4, V100, A100 (g4, p3, p4)
✅ Azure:
T4, P100, V100, A100 (NC v2 & 3, T4_v3)
🏆 All RAPIDS-capable GPUs, including Pascal, Volta, RTX, T4, Ampere, and DGX2
Individual & Startup Team Enterprise

AWS Azure

g4dn.xlarge, NC6as_T4_V3

AWS Walkthrough


all RAPIDS-ready GPUs

Schedule free expert session!


all RAPIDS-ready GPUs

Contact for BYOL packages

*Resource limits:
Graphistry Hub use may be limited around utilization of resources such as memory, compute, storage, and traffic. If you believe your use case may exceed typical resource utilization levels for your tier, our team would be happy to discuss how to support it.