Notebook and API Users Enterprise


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$10 / hour*
+ EC2 GPU fees


  • Go quickly from any raw data to insights
  • Easily handle data that is non-graph, large, or complex
  • Deliver same-day prototypes in notebooks and quickly embed into . your web apps
  • AWS Marketplace:
    Spin up immediately, 
    run securely in your private account, defer procurement red tape,
    and only pay while it is on
  • All the product benefits from the Notebook & API Tier
  • Enable your entire team with a point-and-click investigation UI and simple shareable investigation automations
  • Control security and deployment, including on-prem and air-gapped
  • Quickly onboard, go operational,  and start building new use cases
  • Optional on-site training workshops, professional support, and joint use case development 
  Researcher & Startup Team & Enterprise
Includes ✅ Graphistry Core:
  • Graphistry Engine 2.0:
    GPU client<>cloud acceleration;
    Visual graph analytics;
    Auto-linked charts: timebars, histograms, ...;
    Visual filtering, drilling, clustering, & more
  • PyGraphistry for notebook users:
    Jupyter, Colab, Databricks, & more
  • Web developer APIs: JS, React, Python, REST
✅ Jupyter with NVIDIA RAPIDS, PyGraphistry, & PyData
✅ All Graphistry Core
✅ Jupyter with NVIDIA RAPIDS
✅ Visual Investigation & Automation:
  • Visual connectors to databases & APIs
    (Splunk, ELK, Neo4j, HTTP, ...)
  • Easy visual workflow authoring
  • Cloud<>On-Premises Connector Bridge
  • Custom connectors, pivots, & ontologies
✅ On-premises, security, and orchestration
Support ✅ Online chat ✅ Online chat + On-site training & support
Professional Services ✅ See Enterprise - Full Service, as desired ✅ Optional Full Service
  • Installation & configuration
  • Rapid prototyping:
    Visualization, automation, & analytics
  • Team training workshops:
    Methods, administration, authoring, & use
  • Analyst, developer, & admin support
  • Options: 1d, 2w, 3mo, 6mo
Private data
Private cloud ✅ AWS ✅ AWS, Azure, GCP, and more
New GPUs ✅ AWS: M60 - V100 ✅ All, including RTX and DGX2
On-Premises ✅ Ubuntu/RHEL; Docker; Airgapping
Healthcheck Endpoints
Multi-GPU Management
Log Management
Custom TLS
Controlled Upgrades & Container Automation ✅ Standard docker-compose

Walkthrough | Schedule free assisted setup!


Instance hour*: Between sessions, you can pause your AWS server, which stops most fees