Graphistry 2.40.74: Hello GFQL Endpoint and OpenTelemetry

Posted by Graphistry Staff on June 13, 2024

A major addition for Graphistry API users is the new GFQL endpoint where you can run rich graph queries on all data in Graphistry, including with automatic GPU acceleration. For more advanced deployments, the release also significantly improves the OpenTelemetry support, streamlines custom Python package installation, and provides the usual bug fixes and general improvements. […]

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Graphistry 2.40.53: Introducing GFQL – The first graph dataframe query language

Posted by Graphistry Staff on December 13, 2023

Get started now! Try on a CSV The latest Graphistry release marks the introduction of GFQL, the first graph dataframe query language. Additionally, the release adds infrastructure features such as initial OpenTelemetry support. We strongly recommend the upgrade for any Graphistry API users as it also includes fixes around load-time handling of predefined encodings. It […]

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Graphistry 2.39.43: Automatic graph AI, multiselection tooling, and more

Posted by Graphistry Staff on January 9, 2023

Get started now! Try on a CSV Video: New multi-selection tool panel The latest release marks an important next phase in Graphistry: AutoML for graph AI via Graph Neural Networks. Likewise, already popular with analysts, it adds the new multiselection panel. We’ll be sharing tutorials in the coming weeks on individual features, and some of […]

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Tutorial: Graph dashboarding with graph-app-kit (Streamlit + Graphistry)

Posted by Graphistry Staff on November 14, 2022

  Accelerating an analyst’s “time-to-graph” for investigating the relationships in their data has always been a top benchmark at Graphistry. We are now bringing the accelerated graph experience to the full team with graph-app-kit, our open-source graph framework around Streamlit for low-code dashboarding–which now ships by default with Graphistry installations. In this tutorial, we will […]

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The Vector Database Index: Measuring the popularity of different Vector Databases

Posted by Graphistry Staff on September 20, 2022

Vector search is a growing part of Graphistry’s open source & visual graph AI efforts as we continue our mission to help analysts connect the dots and detect anomalies. Graphistry’s CEO Leo Meyerovich and GradientFlow‘s Ben Lorica analyzed why vector search is fast becoming a foundation for AI strategies and took a critical look at […]

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Graphistry 2.39: The big one – GraphistryAI, Dashboarding, Organizations, & more!

Posted by Graphistry Staff on September 9, 2022

Get started now! Try on a CSV We’re excited to share one of our biggest releases to date, with a little (or a lot!) for everyone. We’ll be sharing guides in the coming weeks on individual features, and some of our favorites already include: Graph Dashboarding: Interactive dashboards enable graph for much more of your […]

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Import PyGraphistry: From 10s to 100ms with Python import lazy loading and Tuna import benchmarking

Posted by Graphistry Staff on September 2, 2022

Speed is a pillar for Graphistry engineering: The faster our graph visualizations and AI are, the faster analysts can untangle the relationships in their data, and the more they can achieve. Ironically, while the new extensions to PyGraphistry[ai] are designed to make analysts go faster by adding automatic graph AI capabilities (automatic feature engineering, …), […]

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What is Graph Intelligence? How and why the best companies are adopting Graph Visual Analytics, Graph AI, and Graph Neural Networks.

Posted by Graphistry Staff on January 4, 2022

Graph Intelligence will be a sizable percentage of the $299B AI market. Graph Intelligence architectures are converging to patterns that largely complement modern data platforms. You don’t need a graph database: none of Meituan’s 30 GNNs use one. Our recommendation for most companies starting out is to jump right in. It’s just a matter of time until graphs become a standard method to analyze data for operational insights. Figure 5 shows that tools are now in place for most companies to get started.

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Tutorial: Explore nodes + edges tables with no code for which Club Soccer matches (FiveThirtyEight) are the most exciting

Posted by Graphistry Staff on November 10, 2021

Many graph visual intelligence investigations start with loading in an edges table and nodes table, such as an events table (edges) that connect items in an accounts table (nodes). Our new no-code file uploader is great for exploring files, even for tricky configurations. However, many of our users don’t realize they can use it with […]

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Graphistry v2.37.43: Recommended minor update over 2.37.40

Posted by Graphistry Staff on October 6, 2021

The latest version of Graphistry is now available for self-hosting users, including in submission to the AWS and Azure cloud marketplaces. The main reason for the release is to fix an an issue some users self-hosting version 2.37.40 have reported issues with logged-in users being unable to access visualizations.

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