Graphistry makes it easy to connect to and leverage all of your data regardless of where it is located. Our connectors make it easy to automatically connect to and query across your SIEM, Elasticsearch, and virtually any data source with an API. Graphistry connects to the data you have so that there is no need to replicate your data.

Graphistry Connectors

Direct Connectors & Data Bridge

Graphistry’s direct native connectors allow you to quickly connect to and query across your most common data sources such as Splunk, Elasticsearch, and VirusTotal. Need to see across all of your various security tools and log types? No problem. Want to correlate across SIEM logs and Elasticsearch? Graphistry makes it easy. Graphistry is constantly adding support for new native connectors so that your investment grows over time. For advanced enterprise configurations such as hybrid cloud/on-prem with outbound-only firewalls, the optional Graphistry Data Bridge provides additional flexibility.

Embed Graphistry or use it to build a powerful frontend for your new application

HTTP Connector

Graphistry’s HTTP connector helps you easily work with virtually any data source with an API. Pull data from anything with a Web API such as Shodan, intelligence feeds, and tickets. Leverage REST database interfaces to connect to Amazon Neptune, TigerGraph, and others. By connecting to pretty much anything that takes URLs and gives back CSV or JSON, the HTTP connector ensures you can access the data you need on the fly.

Ontology and Semantic Support

Graphistry Ontology and Semantic support ensures that you can reliably correlate across your many types of data and tools. With built-in support for Splunk CIM, ElasticSearch plugins (e.g. geolocation), and individual vendor tools such as FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, and Cylance you can make sure that your visual analytics are all speaking the same language. And with the ability to match to Graphistry’s built-in ontology, its easy to add support for any ontologies that are not yet supported natively.