Data visualization is about much more than just a pretty UI. Your visualization layer needs the ability to consume the full power of your data and infrastructure and quickly boil potentially massive amounts of information into simple answers that humans can use. Built on multiple breakthrough technologies, Graphistry has transformed how data can be visualized and worked with, enabling analysts to work intuitively and creatively without having to think about the data.

Massive scalability while remaining fully interactive

The Power to Reduce Big Data to Hard Answers

Graphistry’s technology delivers a 100x industry improvement in the amount of data so that you can get to a verdict quickly without having to ignore any of the evidence. Work with a little data or a lot, but make sure you do it by choice.

  • Easily tackle open-ended investigations such as threat hunts, while correlating and pivoting across all of the available data sources and tools. Want to correlate across SIEM logs and Netflow? Now you can.
  • Literally see the big picture relationships often hidden in data science algorithms (correlation, outliers, progression, etc).
  • Remain fully interactive so that you can filter out the noise and dive into interesting details.
50,000 nodes with over 500,000 edges

GPU Power Without Any GPU Hassle

Raising the bar for live visualization by 100x requires breakthrough technology. Building on our work at Berkeley, we have pioneered the use of GPUs both on the server side, where we perform visual analytics as well as on the browser where the results are rendered. But most importantly, we deliver this power without you having to think about it.

  • Breakthrough visual analytics engine provides fast, in-memory analysis and parallel processing of irregular data. That means all your data suddenly works together like magic.
  • Run the visual analytics engine in our cloud or yours. Running on your hardware is easy as installing a Docker.
  • Our client-side GPU technology renders results in real time through any standard commodity browser. We harness the visual power built for video games and apply to data visualization.

Leading the Way

Graphistry is leading the way to the era of big, fast data. Graphistry supports Apache Arrow today and is a major contributor to the GOAI initiative. These projects are all about delivering a fast common data layer that runs in memory. What does that mean? It means that all of your tools can easily leverage the same data without constantly copying, reloading, and reformatting, and that means speed.

  • A visual tier to your data that supports Arrow from Day 1.
  • Interoperability for all of your libraries and tools built in by design.
  • Key contributor of GOAI which is building a new era of data science designed for GPUs.