In incident response, the most important metric is time, and the most critical asset is the talent of the analyst. Graphistry enables analysts to investigate intuitively, in context, and at full speed by gathering the entire security context on-the-fly (SIEM, API, …) and rendering it into a visual and interactive environment. Investigations go deeper, get resolved faster, and gain software-assisted reliability.

Visualizing malware spread within a network

Faster, More Reliable Tier 1 Investigations

Easily configure visual fastpaths for investigations like Phishing, Malware, and Account Takeover. Get away from swivel-chair analytics by triggering visual automation workflows that reliably gather, correlate, and intelligently present data to analysts. Focus your analysts on what they do best.


Deeper, More Complete Tier 2 Investigations

Interact and pivot as many times as needed to find the full progression, scope, and root-cause of events. Include data sources and checks that are otherwise too time-consuming. Avoid IR whack-a-mole.

Visualization of a contained malware infection

Respond Faster

Reduce MTTR, resolve more incidents, and free up headcount.

Cover Every Investigation Type with Visual Fastpaths

Create visually interactive playbooks to capture, automate, and share successful workflows with Tier 1 Analysts. Ensures that all investigations are visually assisted, and improve them over time based on use and changes in your environment and operating standards.

See and Integrate All Your Data Sources

Cut across data silos to incorporate SIEM, AD, agents, netflow, intelligence feeds, and anything else with an API through fully automatic visual data fusion and correlation.

360 Graph & GPU-Accelerated Views

Automatically map out and understand activity around incidents, users, devices, accounts, assets, watch lists, attackers, and other events or entities. Understand scope, progression, root cause, patterns, & outliers, even over many thats, thereby answering questions that are tricky for traditional reports, dashboards, and search.



Connect to Splunk, ELK, intelligence APIs, and more for on-the-fly visual querying


Visually pivot and trigger workflows to automatically gather data and populate the full-featured visual investigation environment


Investigate without coding through interactive visual graph reasoning & rich GPU-accelerated visual analytics


Save investigation sessions to pick them up later, share them, and report


Pair common investigation types with a playbook for smart one-click data gathering & presentation, and thereby increase incident handling coverage over time


Create and save new playbooks on the fly as new incident types arise


Send good playbooks to your T1 analysts and continually improve them over time



Splunk, ELK, HTTP, and more


CIM, CEF, and roll your own

Graph & GPU Insights

Understand scope, progression, root cause, patterns, & outliers, even over many thats...

Visual Querying

Visually pivot, drill, and shape, letting Graphistry generate otherwise tricky queries

Support for Common Investigation Types

Malware, Phishing, Lateral Movement, 360 Views, ...

Sharing & Reporting

Annotate, save, resume, and file investigation sessions, with each step reported and reproducible