Graphisty gives investigators the tools they need to drive fast, conclusive investigations into fraud, abuse, money laundering, and other financial crimes. Graphistry brings transactions, traffic logs, risk score APIs, account databases, and even CSV files into a unified investigative context. The platform remains fully interactive even at large scale, allowing investigators to see clusters, outliers, and links between entities, while always retaining the freedom to drill deeper and pivot to new data sources.

Analyzing Bot Interactions With Websites

Transaction and Account Fraud

Battling retail fraud accounts for 7.6% of revenue for online retailers and existing detection tools simply aren’t enough. With Graphistry, analysts can quickly connect the dots across of your data sources in order to identify both account creation fraud and transactional fraud. With the intelligence to see beyond simple binary allow/deny decisions, analysts can see the traits that distinguish valid accounts and transactions from fraudulent ones. From classifying incidents to surfacing underlying fraud rings to tuning rules, Graphistry brings visibility and productivity across analyst tiers.

Correlating Across Patient Medical Data

Healthcare and Insurance Fraud

The FBI estimates that up to 10% of US health care spending is tied to fraud. Graphistry helps bring that number down by letting investigators clearly see insurance fraud, waste, and abuse. Analysts can explore relationships across all entities such as providers, pharmacists, and patients to identify signs of fraud. Our interactive graphs intelligently visualize clusters and outliers in your data and leverage interactive link analysis to follow relationships between entities. Better yet, Graphistry scales better than any other solution, so you can see all your data without worrying about the tool falling over.

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime

Quickly see through the layers of obfuscation at the heart of money laundering schemes and other financial crimes. The platform delivers a fully interactive link analysis across all entities in an investigation, allowing investigators to quickly identify layering schemes and identify the entities behind them. Analysts can also track a wide variety of financial crimes such as analyzing correspondent banking relationships between financial institutions in order to track the illegal flow of funds of a criminal enterprise. From SWIFT transactions and cryptocurrencies to communications and metadata, Graphistry’s visual scale enables analysts to understand more data in context than was previously possible.



Connect Any Data

Splunk, ELK, HTTP, CSV, and more


Visual Querying

Visually pivot, drill, and shape, letting Graphistry manage otherwise tricky queries


Investigation Templates

Associate reliable visual fastpaths for critical views such as around accounts and transactions


Visualize Anything

Entities, devices, users, agents, alerts, transactions, geolocation, etc


Sharing and Reporting

Annotate, save, resume, and file investigation sessions, with each step reported and reproducible


Big Interactive Graphs

1M+ nodes/edges with layouts and interactions purpose-built for this scale


Full-Featured Visual Environment

automatically integrated interactive timebars, histograms, search, and more.



Add Graphistry views within your existing dashboards, and enrich tickets with links to Graphistry investigation templates