Graphistry changes the way you interact with your data. The platform automatically gathers data from all of your data sources and tools and presents to analysts in a way that drives faster, deeper, and more conclusive investigations. Then Graphistry makes it easy to save, share, and repeat those workflows and best practices.

As a result, Graphistry is ideal for a variety of investigations and use cases. You can learn more about some of the more common ones below.  Don’t worry if yours is not listed – we have experience with many projects beyond those listed here, and we’d love to hear about your project and how we can help.


Incident Response

Use visual analytics to respond faster and more comprehensively

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SIEM Optimization

Visually pivot through Splunk, Hadoop, and any source with an API

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Threat Hunting

An interactive visual hunting environment built for enterprise scale

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Dig into blockchains, AML, anti-fraud, supply chains, market research, and knowledge graphs with unprecedented visual scale & reliability

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We engage with US agencies and partners to support mission software needs through our best-of-class capabilities in graph and playbooks

Dev and Data Science

Easily embed intelligent, GPU-accelerated visualizations in your software, dashboards, and notebooks to achieve stunning results with little effort

For Developers

For Data Scientists

User Journey

Get 3600 views of users and their journey over time. Track customer interactions and buying behavior. Understand complex patient interactions along the continuum of care.

IT Operations

Track detailed performance and health of complex systems. Manage incidents, customer tickets, and analyze micro-outages in depth.

Supply Chain

Analyze complex supply chains to discover hidden inefficiencies and opportunities. Monitor vendor performance, costs, and inventory with transparency and insight.