Graphistry makes it easy to get up and running quickly, get new insights into your data, and repeat your most successful investigations. In this section we will walk you through some of the key technologies behind the Graphistry platform, and walk you through how you can start using next-generation graph analytics today. When you are ready to try it for yourself, just request your own API key or get a demonstration from the Graphistry team.



Connect to the Graphistry Cloud or deploy on your own hardware

Graphistry’s Cloud lets you harness the power GPU-powered graph analytics with only a browser. To install, simply use the Graphistry cloud, deploy a docker image in your cloud, install on your own GPU hardware.

Learn more about deploying Graphistry.


Connect to your data

Easily connect to your data no matter where it is stored. Graphistry’s ever-growing list of pre-built connectors let you pull in data from your favorite SIEMs, databases, ELK, or data lake, and the HTTP connector lets you assimilate data from virtually any source with an API.

Learn more about Graphistry Connectors


Start investigating visually

Dive into a fully interactive and customizable visual investigation environment. Use graph analytics to see relationships, correlations, outliers, and event progression hidden within your data. Connect disparate types of data and customize the view to suit the needs of your investigation.

Learn more about graph analysis


Investigate at unprecedented scale

Graphistry has pioneered multiple GPU innovations to allow you to see 100x more data that ever before through a standard browser. Get the full picture and analyze large data sets and long timelines without ever having to think about GPUs or scale.

Learn more about Graphistry scales


Build guided, repeatable investigation templates

Graphistry’s investigation templates and playbooks let you run complete investigations in a single click. Automatically collect all the data you need from a single alert, pivot across multiple sources of data, and save customized views. With one click, analysts get a visually augmented fastpath through complex investigations that can be shared and repeated.

Learn more about investigation templates and playbooks


Embed and integrate Graphistry where you need it

Treat Graphistry like Google Maps and drop it in wherever you need it. Add Graphistry visualizations to your application, dashboard, or natively from your favorite data science notebook.

Learn more about Graphistry’s integration options and API