Graphistry for PowerBI makes it easy to bring the power of GPU visual graph intelligence to the PowerBI experience. Users can explore large interactive graphs, drill down, and share their insights, and all with no code.

Graphistry for PowerBI Custom Visual

Graphistry Custom Visual

Drop in the Graphistry Custom Visual to add accelerated and graph-empowered visual insights to your dashboards and reports. The custom visual integrates seamlessly with the rest of the PowerBI experience, working with PowerBI filters and other controls. All Graphistry functionality is added, from clustering to GPU acceleration to real-time data brushing to on-the-fly encodings. Start graphing immediately!

Early access program is now available

Graphistry for PowerBI Early Access Program

Using PowerBI and curious to add accelerated graph insights? Let us know about your organization and intended use case(s), and we look forward to including you in the coming early access waves.