Kickstarting a POC, project, or roll out benefits from trainings & workshops. We provide private workshops tailored to the audience, such as for a stronger focus on analysts, data scientists, or developer roles, or on topics like threat hunting or anti-fraud. By working with our specialists, individuals and leaders can quickly learn the terrain, avoid mistakes, and increase leverage.

By default, we recommend a half-day to two days, and especially at pivotal points such as during initial innovation, pilot iterations, and wider rollout. Depending on the team and project, online or in-person can both be appropriate.

Graph, data science, & GPU computing for your domain

We provide general trainings, and when the topic is for a specific speciality such as log analysis, specialize our content and topics to it so your team can get going that much more quickly and effectively.

  • Graph state-of-the-art
    Why graph, modeling events and logs as graphs, top addressable problems & differentiation, ROI, classes of technologies & algorithms (databases, …), technology frontiers, use in different domains like security & fraud
  • Data science notebooks
    Setup and best practices for using Graphistry with notebooks. Different content for teams new to notebook best practices vs. looking purely for use with Graphistry.
  • GPU Computing with GOAI/RAPIDS
    For teams on the edge of GPU computing, help with RAPIDS setup and examples of combining GOAI/RAPIDS technologies such as CuDF, CuGraph, and BlazingDB with Graphistry.


  • Administration
    All the way from installation and configuration to maintenance and visibility. Cloud, capacity, security, backups, multi-GPU, and more.
  • Usage
    I – Introduction: Loading data and using key features
    II – Best practices: Graph modeling (hypergraphs, …), working with big graphs, handling time, different algorithms and layouts, use with notebooks
    III – APIs: Developing automations & embedded apps, common use cases and tricks

Public Trainings

We regularly provide free public trainings and training materials, such as through RAPIDS Academy.

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