Kickstarting a project and rolling out to many end-users benefits for specialist workshops. We frequently combine our POCs and commercial engagements with workshops to improve deliveries. Likewise, we will perform them in collaboration with our technology and service partners. Each workshop can be tailored to the audience, such as for a stronger focus on analysts, data scientists, or developer roles, or on topics like threat hunting or anti-fraud.

By default, we recommend a half-day to two days, and at pivotal points such as kickoff and wider distribution. Depending on the team and project, online or in-person can both be appropriate.


  • Graph state-of-the-art
    Why graph, modeling events and logs as graphs, top addressable problems & differentiation, ROI, classes of technologies & algorithms (databases, …), technology frontiers, use in different domains like security & fraud
  • Data science notebooks
    Setup and best practices for using Graphistry with notebooks. Different content for teams new to notebook best practices vs. looking purely for use with Graphistry.
  • GPU Computing with GOAI/RAPIDS
    For teams on the edge of GPU computing, help with RAPIDS setup and examples of combining GOAI/RAPIDS technologies such as CuDF, CuGraph, and BlazingDB with Graphistry.


  • Administration
    All the way from installation and configuration to maintenance and visibility. Cloud, capacity, security, backups, multi-GPU, and more.
  • Usage
    I – Introduction: Loading data and using key features
    II – Best practices: Graph modeling (hypergraphs, …), working with big graphs, handling time, different algorithms and layouts, use with notebooks
    III – APIs: Developing automations & embedded apps, common use cases and tricks

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