Quickly and easily integrate Graphistry so that users can finally see all of the relationships in their data.

Quickly embed and totally configure:
Frontend APIs: React, JavaScript, and iframe URLs

Plugs Right In

The backend and frontend APIs provide make it easy to use Graphistry with your favorite languages. Use it in a variety of ways:

  • Embed graph views into existing data-driven web applications, dashboards, and wikis.
  • Prototype quickly with your users using Jupyter notebooks and investigations templates.
  • Pioneer a new graph-capable application, where you can focus more on the data pipeline and theming than the underlying JavaScript & GPU graph code.
  • Create a suite of investigation templates for interacting with various data stores, and share them directly or enrich your current tools with quick launch links.
Graphs, histograms, search, time bars, and more:
With out-of-the-box visual query generation and cross-linking

Powerful Built-in Tools

Save time by leveraging Graphistry’s built-in functionality. Our platform provides a growing suite of pre-integrated direct visual interactions, collaboration tools, and charting components. Teams can exceed specifications while taking less time to do it.

Customize and Integrate

Blend Graphistry into your data, design, and interaction experience:

  • Change colors, sizes, filters, panels, and more on-the-fly and with APIs
  • Embed visualizations and investigations quick-launch links into the places analysts are already working, from receiving alerts, their favorite bookmarks, and top web app views to collaborating with data science notebooks and creating new applications
  • Teach Graphistry new APIs and custom ontologies
Deploy in your private cloud, on-prem, & via SaaS API (alpha)

Modern Deployment & Configuration

The Graphistry GPU backend is easy to deploy and configure:

  • Cloud: One-click launch in your private AWS and Azure accounts via AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace
  • On-Prem: Install, configure, and launch simply with Docker (Nvidia runtime) and built-in admin UIs
  • SaaS API (alpha): Leverage Graphistry maintained GPU servers at dedicated and shared tier levels

Declaratively configure accounts, connectors, connectors, TLS certificates, custom URLs, logging, monitoring, backups, multiple GPUs, and more.



Run in standard web browsers and even phones (WebGL 1.0)


Visualize and interact with 1 million or more nodes and edges


60x+ faster and more data than native desktop Gephi


Backend upload API: Any language with the simple REST calls


Frontend APIs: React, JavaScript, & iframe URLs


Rich visual interactions: Pan & zoom, search & filter, move, and more


Collaborate, save, and share sessions


Automatically integrated interactive timebars, histograms, search, and more.

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