At Graphistry and Louie.AI are supercharging how analysts investigate event & entity data. Our customers, which include some of the largest organizations in the world, trust us to help them sift through digital fingerprints to catch attacks, financial crime, and trace the global supply chain. Many have already invested in tools like Splunk, Spark, and graph databases for handling many events a day and may even experiment with data science notebooks. Now, with the power of Graphistry GPU graph visualization & AI and our genAI-first interface for data Louie.AI, they are leveraging visual intelligence tools that go beyond search and dashboards. They can do things like see their entire datacenter for the first time or quickly see the trail of events left by a hacker.

Our background spans academia, core data technology, and data-intensive industries like security. Graphistry’s original GPU cloud technology is a rethinking of our work at UC Berkeley on the first parallel web browser and GPU visual analytics language to increase scale and portability, and we are known as key original contributors who helped start the popular Apache Arrow and GPU Dataframe ecosystems. Since then, we have brought experienced startup engineers, product thinkers, and industry leaders who have lived the story multiple times as we’ve grown our platform to support ideas like graph neural networks and generative AI. Most fun of all, we have been working with fellow analysts and developers at our customer sites to help give them a hold on increasingly rich investigations!