What We Do

Graphistry is supercharging how analysts investigate data. Our customers, who include some of the largest organizations in the world, are trusting us to help them catch attacks and diagnose big outages. They have already invested in tools like Splunk or Spark for handling 100M+ alerts a day and may even have experimented with R or IPython notebooks. Most of all, they are looking for exploration tools that are smarter than search or dashboards. With Graphistry, for example, they can see their entire datacenter for the first time.

Half our team came from UC Berkeley, where we worked on security, performance, and language design. Graphistry’s GPU cloud technology is a rethinking of our work on the first parallel web browser and GPU visual analytics language to increase scale and portability. Since then, we have been working with fellow IT analysts and developers to help give them a hold on increasingly rich investigations.

Our Team

Leo Meyerovich CEO / Janitor

UC Berkeley PhD, built the first parallel browser engine, security policy change verifier, & web FRP library.

Matt Torok Co-Founder & Senior Software Engineer

UC Berkeley, built the Superconductor language for GPU visual analytics, ran CHaOS. Slays dragons.

Chris Befeld Product Designer

SCAD, Ex-IBM. Product, UI, & data visualization design, and an unexplained specialty in all things graph.

Paul Taylor Senior Frontend Engineer

Netflix engineering, built Falcor and RxJS 5. The Gardener.

Lee Butterman Infrastructure Engineer

Early Captricity/Songkick, ex-Lookout; runs a Latin-reading website NoDictionaries.com, hikes redwood trails. Brings complex systems under control.

Alain Mayer VP of Product

Co-Founder & Ex-CTO of RedSeal, CenterOn, Cyphort. Product Guy.

Paden Tomasello Security Engineer

Before: UC Berkeley, hacked at Cloudera on Impala’s vectorizer. Loves HPC and ML competitions.

External Team

Bloomberg Beta Investor

In-Q-Tel Investor

Greylock Capital Investor

Kurt Keutzer UC Berkeley, ex-CTO of Synopsys

Andy Chou Co-founder & ex-CTO of Coverity

David Park Co-founder of Coverity

Patrick O’Malley CFO of Seagate

Clarence Granger CEO of UCT

Prasanna Srikhanta Technologist & Angel Investor

Ben Lorica Chief Data Scientist, O’Reilly Media

Brook Conner Ex-CISO of Estée Lauder, Ex Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, NYU Adjunct


1212 Broadway Floor 11, Oakland, CA 94612