Tutorial: Graphistry CSV Viewer Mini-App for ICIJ’s ‘Implant Files’ Medical Device Recalls

Posted by Graphistry Staff on May 2, 2019


Graphistry makes it easy to explore the hidden connections in any CSV or flat file by automatically exposing the underlying graph. This tutorial walks through the CSV Mini-App notebook that comes with Graphistry and applies it to visualizing the recent Implant Files medical device recalls database by the ICIJ.


Screenshot: ICIJ’s The Implant Files visualized live with Graphistry – The pandemic of 70,000+ medical device recalls

1. Setup

2. Go through the video tutorial!

  • Launch and clone the CSV Upload Mini-App notebook, and rename to ‘icij_implants.ipynb’
  • Follow the instructions in the notebook
  • Settings used for each section:
    • Upload:file_path = ‘./events-1551346702.csv’
    • Data cleaning:hits = pd.DataFrame([[c, len(df[c].unique())] for c in df.columns], columns=[‘col’, ‘num_uniq’]).sort_values(‘num_uniq’)skip_nodes = [‘icij_notes’, ‘determined_cause’, ‘action_classification’, ‘icij_notes’, ‘country’, ‘status’, ‘source’]
      nodes = [x for x in list(hits.query(‘num_uniq > 10 & num_uniq < 9288’)[‘col’]) if not x in skip_nodes]df = df_orig.query(‘country == ‘USA”)
    • Plotting:mode = ‘B’
      max_rows = 50000
      node_cols = nodes
      categories = { }

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