The Web App Hack graph hackathon: $15K+ in prizes!

Posted by Graphistry Staff on February 19, 2021

Graphistry is teaming up with TigerGraph and Streamlit for our first online hackathon: The Web App Hack graph hackathon!

The graph app hackathon is a great way to build out your graph app idea, win $15K+ in prizes, learn emerging graph analytics tech with friends, and even get your idea shared with 100+ companies and 6K+ graphistas.

The event is remote-friendly and runs for one month. Everything kicks off Feb 22nd. You achieve extra awards for uses of tools like Graphistry and Streamlit, and our team put together Graph App Kit (screenshot below) to make that a lot easier.

Start thinking about your app+team and check out the details. To get going, check out the event site and jump into the Graphistry graph-app-hack Slack channel or TigerGraph’s Discord!


Graph App Kit screenshot

Screenshot: Graph-App-Kit gives a preintegrated Streamlit/TigerGraph/Graphistry stack for faster Web App Hack  innovation