Supercharging Visualization with Apache Arrow

Posted by Leo Meyerovich on January 5, 2018


A key part of making big data useful is figuring out how to deliver the massive power of GPUs to standard commodity browsers in a way that is both fast and interactive. This is a major area of innovation for us at Graphistry, and we recently got a chance team up with our friends over at Dremio to talk about how we are using Apache Arrow to change how data is visualized in the browser. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Also, we will be in the New York next week to speak at the New York Information Security Meetup where we will share how we’ve been helping Enterprise and Federal teams standardize their SOC/IR/Hunt best practices . It’s already a pretty full house, but check here if you are interested in attending.

We have a few open spots left in our calendar next week, so just shoot us a note if you are in the NYC Metro area and would like to meet in person.

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