On Amazon's Growing Graph Capabilities with Neptune's Launch & Sqrrl Acquisition

Posted by Graphistry Team on Dec 21, 2017

Amazon is investing heavily in graph technologies, which is worth paying attention to. Between launching Neptune and the likely acquisition of Sqrrl (on top of other security acquisitions!), they’ve been busy.  For our users and those interested in the broader space, we thought it’d help to share our perspective. Graphistry’s mission is to power the next generation of investigation and visualization technologies, so we’ve been quite active on adjacent problems... including with Amazon.

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Arming Analysts for the Era of APIs & AIs

Posted by Leo Meyerovich on Dec 12, 2017

Federal investigators aren’t normally the type to thank you for making their dreams come true. But, as we’ve started sharing Graphistry, that sort of sentiment has become just another week around here.

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