Launching RAPIDS Academy: Part of our mission of GPU computing for everyone

Posted by Leo Meyerovich on July 12, 2020

RAPIDS Academy logo

Last month, I’m proud to write that Graphistry helped launch RAPIDS Academy with the goal of getting more data teams into Python GPU computing and helping advance them more quickly. By working with the top GPU project contributors who know the most about how GPU tech is built and used, we can achieve higher-quality lessons that are integrated for beginners and enable advanced users to quickly go deeper. If you’re curious about Python GPU computing, I encourage you to take a look at the upcoming talks and the hands-on labs at !

Participating in RAPIDS Academy is yet another step in Graphistry’s many efforts to make GPU computing an open and easy part of visual data analysis. I’m especially excited by a few aspects of how RAPIDS Academy is designed to be a top contributor for this mission:


  • Top GPU community leaders: Graphistry, BlazingSQL, and Coiled (Dask) are already publicly announced, and more to come
  • Open access: RAPIDS Academy is holding free public online trainings designed by GPU leaders and open sourced on GitHub
  • Full data pipeline: Similar to the end-to-end nature of the RAPIDS technology ecosystem, RAPIDS Academy is covering each step of the data pipeline, starting with SQL, multi-GPU, and graph
  • Industry specializations: Likewise, RAPIDS Academy is tailoring materials to industries so individuals and teams can get faster and higher-leverage starts, starting with Graphistry helping in security and fraud log analytics
  • Private trainings: To help data teams with GPU experiments and rollouts, RAPIDS Academy also provides 1-3 day workshops held by our community of top GPU experts and experienced trainers. This gives a chance to get sessions tailored to your organization’s interest in GPUs, hold direct & privileged conversations for navigating in the small & large, and more easily connect into our broader network. To schedule a private session, contact the team using the form at the bottom of the page.


I’m excited to be leading the first free session this week on an intro to Python GPU analytics for graph and security, and soon after, the Rodrigo Aramburu, the CEO of BlazingSQL, will be running for the GPU SQL side. Sign up, and see you there!


– Leo (on behalf of the Graphistry team)