Graphistry 2.37.11: No-code graph visualization, airgapping, big Excel files, internationalization, RAPIDS 0.19, and more!

Posted by Graphistry Staff on May 8, 2021

Good news: Graphistry 2.37.11 brings across-the-board advances for visual graph analysis for UI users, GPU analysts, embedding developers, and improvements for both on-prem (air-gapped) and Hub cloud users. It also includes RAPIDS 0.19 and associated GPU ecosystem features and upgrades. Read on for our favorite improvements below, and the release notes for additional update details. On-prem teams can fetch 2.37.11 from the download portal, and Marketplace versions are under review by the Amazon and Azure. As usual, Graphistry Hub users have been piloting the new features, and we especially thank the NodeXL community for helping improve the no-code CSV and XLS loaders!

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Hypergraphs: Explore multi-column tables as graphs and GPU acceleration

We’ll be sharing a full article just on the new hypergraph support. Three of our favorite features are:

  • Turn any table into a graph: Traditional graph tools will only connect entities in src/dst columns. The new feature supports linking entities across multiple columns, such as url, user_id, user_ip, and user_organization… at the same time! This enables seeing much richer correlations and quite easily.
  • Automatic graph visualization: Most tools force you to make many configuration decisions… but with hypergraphs, Graphistry enables you to see an initial graph with connections across columns, and then knock out any you do not like. It automatically visualizes your tables, and even better, will try to guess which columns to initially connect.
  • GPU acceleration: For larger files, we provide experimental automatic GPU acceleration. This works both in the PyGraphistry open source API, the backend upload APIs, and the file uploader.


GPU updates: RAPIDS 0.19

Graphistry ships with the new RAPIDS 0.19 setup for single and multi-GPU notebook use out-of-the-box. RAPIDS 0.19 features GPU-accelerated SHAP model explanation, new cuGraph algorithms, and a variety of fixes and features around single and multi-GPU support. See the release notes for more.

One important note is that RAPIDS 0.19 is the last version that supports CUDA < 11.0. The next version of RAPIDS requires CUDA 11.0 or 11.2. That is expected to be released within 1-2 months, at which point Graphistry will switch as well.

Additional highlights

Graphistry has some additional updates, such as multicore acceleration of Excel files, international character encoding support for CSVs, and a variety of fixes.

For administrators, we have a few improvements. Online teams can track our public status page. Air-gapped teams will benefit from a sweep of lingering network dependencies, including an explicit flag AIR_GAPPED=1.

To learn more, dig into the v2.37.11 release notes.

Happy graphing!

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