Graphistry 2.24.24: Happy Users

Posted by Graphistry Staff on September 10, 2019

Sometimes the best feature is to improve the experience with the current ones. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working much more closely with our users. Externally, release 2.24.24 comes with a bunch of tiny improvements from working with everyone. This release is for you!

Read on to learn more about this release, and see full release notes at our new release notes page .


1. Investigation UI Improvements

The main Investigation UI received the first phase of its revamp:

  • Collapsable panel and autogrowing textareas
  • More quickly select month, year
  • And a bunch more tiny things that add up: monospacing for code entry, expansion field order more closely matching workflow, …


2. Docs

Navigating the GPU world can be strange for architects and admins, so we’ve added and updated admin-level docs to address frequent questions, including:

3. Fixes, fixes, & more fixes

Of note, pivots with no results will no longer be treated as a failure, and expansions will cause no results, vs. returning as if everything matched.

Read the release notes for further details.

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