DefCon AIV Keynote: Citizen science against COVID misinformation

Posted by Graphistry Staff on August 13, 2020

As part of assisting with the COVID pandemic, Graphistry has been aiding the citizen science effort for behavior change and anti-medical-misinformation. Our CEO shared a view of what the fight looks like in an invited keynote at DefCon 28’s AI Village, a top annual security event.  The talk shows a large example centered on the anti-vaccination movement for how we’re seeing amplified misinformation spread achieved through the persistent cooperation between top social media companies, popular misinformers, political campaigns, and conspiracy theorists. There are multiple ways to take action, so we encourage catching the end of the talk as well.



If your organization can benefit from help in this space or wants to support the project, reach out to the team , and for graph tech tooling, Graphistry is already helping multiple groups and ready to aid more. ProjectDomino is also looking for volunteers in areas like data engineering, serverless computing, digital forensics, machine learning, and Python visualization (ex: StreamLit): this can also be a great chance to give back.