What is Graph Intelligence? How and why the best companies are adopting Graph Visual Analytics, Graph AI, and Graph Neural Networks.

Posted by Graphistry Staff on January 4, 2022

Graph Intelligence will be a sizable percentage of the $299B AI market. Graph Intelligence architectures are converging to patterns that largely complement modern data platforms. You don’t need a graph database: none of Meituan’s 30 GNNs use one. Our recommendation for most companies starting out is to jump right in. It’s just a matter of time until graphs become a standard method to analyze data for operational insights. Figure 5 shows that tools are now in place for most companies to get started.

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Like uptime? We do! Status page for Graphistry Hub and health checks for self-hosted!

Posted by Graphistry Staff on March 17, 2021

Uptime matters. You can now easily check uptime status for Graphistry Hub services at status.graphistry.com. Screenshot: New status.graphistry.com uptime status page For Graphistry users managing your own instances, we encourage you to plug in Graphistry’s health check endpoints into your own custom automation systems. For example, you can alert on outages and trigger custom auto-restart […]

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Talk: Graph Gurus – Visual Graph Analytics Using Graphistry GPU Acceleration & Graph-App-Kit

Posted by Graphistry Staff on March 5, 2021

Graphistry founder Leo Meyerovich will be on the next Graph Gurus to share Visual Graph Analytics Using Graphistry GPU Acceleration & Graph-App-Kit. The focus will be GPU visual graph analytics to understand your data’s relationships.. and without the coding. Leo will cover the new graph-app-kit project (Graphistry, Streamlit, Nvidia RAPIDS.ai), including a live TigerGraph demo, […]

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The Web App Hack graph hackathon: $15K+ in prizes!

Posted by Graphistry Staff on February 19, 2021

Graphistry is teaming up with TigerGraph and Streamlit for our first online hackathon: The Web App Hack graph hackathon! The graph app hackathon is a great way to build out your graph app idea, win $15K+ in prizes, learn emerging graph analytics tech with friends, and even get your idea shared with 100+ companies and 6K+ graphistas. […]

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Visually explore the relationships in any CSV/XLS with GPU graph analytics.. and no code!

Posted by Graphistry Staff on February 18, 2021

We just made exploring the relationships in your data that much easier.  Already available for free Graphistry Hub accounts and Enterprise (Docker) users in v2.35, you can easily drop any CSV/XLS export into Graphistry and explore its relationships as a graph! Edit 2/19/2021: … And if your data looks good, think about joining the Web […]

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Lowcode your graph apps with Amazon Neptune & Graphistry

Posted by Graphistry Staff on January 20, 2021

With our partners on the Amazon Neptune graph database team, we created a tutorial on how to lowcode a graph app. Read on to see how graph-app-kit makes it easy to make a graph app by combining best-of-class graph tech like Graphistry, Streamlit, RAPIDS, and Neptune. Quickly turning data into interactive graph apps greatly increases […]

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Graphistry 2.31.24: Graph customization

Posted by Graphistry Staff on September 29, 2020

Graphistry 2.31.24 is now live! You can explore relationships in data with GPU visual graph analytics for free on Graphistry Hub, download the latest Docker files as an enterprise user, and working their way through AWS and Azure Marketplaces, one-click launch the latest private VM in your own account (including our new GovCloud mode). Launch […]

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DefCon AIV Keynote: Citizen science against COVID misinformation

Posted by Graphistry Staff on August 13, 2020

As part of assisting with the COVID pandemic, Graphistry has been aiding the ProjectDomino.org citizen science effort for behavior change and anti-medical-misinformation. Our CEO shared a view of what the fight looks like in an invited keynote at DefCon 28’s AI Village, a top annual security event.  The talk shows a large example centered on […]

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Launching RAPIDS Academy: Part of our mission of GPU computing for everyone

Posted by Leo Meyerovich on July 12, 2020

Last month, I’m proud to write that Graphistry helped launch RAPIDS Academy with the goal of getting more data teams into Python GPU computing and helping advance them more quickly. By working with the top GPU project contributors who know the most about how GPU tech is built and used, we can achieve higher-quality lessons […]

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Graphistry’s 2019 in open source has numbers that signal a rising tide in the data world

Posted by Graphistry Staff on January 2, 2020

Graphistry 2019 in open source signals quite a change: PyGraphistry: ⭐️1K+ stars and 👨‍🔧100+ forks PyGraphistry is a library to extract, transform, and visually explore big graphs Apache Arrow: 🏆Top 2019 data project (O’Reilly), 👨‍🔧400+ contributors Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data. It specifies a standardized language-independent columnar memory format for […]

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